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MSDS Information

Below are links to manufacturer's sites providing U.S. Material Safety Data Sheets for their products.

These Material Safety Datasheets are all offered in Adobe's Portable Document Format (.PDF). In order to view these files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, but the program is available as a free download from Adobe's Web Site.

Air Products - A site for MSDS sheets covering industrial gases & chemicals.

Matheson Tri Gas - A site for MSDS sheets covering packaged industrial gases & chemicals.

Smog Gases - High & Low Disposable - A link for the printable MSDS sheet covering B.A.R. Gas Calibration Mixtures.

Chemtane2 Fuel Gas - The MSDS sheets for the proprietary fuel gas, Chemtane2. Click the product you need the MSDS for on the left, then click the link in the first paragraph for a printable PDF.

ITW / Hobart - Here you'll find MSDS product information about McKay filler metals, Tri-Mark electrodes, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), and Hobart product lines.

The Harris Products Group - Here you'll find MSDS product information about Harris filler metals.

The Lincoln Electric Company - A site with over 300 "MSDS" documents for Lincoln Electric Welding Consumables.


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