Featured Brands


For more information about products from our featured suppliers why not visit their web sites? Please mention us favorably in our role as your guide to these sites.

Black Stallion / Revco
For more information on Revco / Black Stallion quality leather and protective products you will want to check out this educational and informative site about their complete line of Professional Welding and Industrial Gloves and Protective Apparel.

The parent company name of Black and Decker may be more widely recognized, but these industrial strength power tools and accessories from their DeWalt division take second to none.

Visit gawdawiki - the online resource for the Gases and Welding industry
Can you doubt we are living in the Information Age? It's your golden opportunity to share free, comprehensive and accurate welding knowledge. Check out the Gas And Welding Distributors Association's (GAWDA) ever growing wiki database of welding info. The GAWDAWiki is a great, online, ready reference to welding information and terminology.

ITW / Hobart Brothers
Hobart Welders

ITW / Hobart Brothers is the biggest name in the welding supply business. You'll find Miller Electric product information at the site below and information at this first site about McKay filler metals, Tri-Mark electrodes, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), and Hobart product lines at this second site.

J. W. Harris
This site has technical information and specifications on Harris' line of filler metals, brazing alloys and fluxes.

Jackson Safety Products
A site combines several complete lines of welding health and safety equipment and layout & marking tools under the Jackson Safety brand.

Koike Aronson, Inc./Ransome
As their multi-part business name implies this is a global company with several heritages of technical know-how from the 1920s to the present in Cutting Machines, Positioning solutions and Gas Apparatus. They are known for high quality tools and accessories for welders including welding positioners for pipe and oxy-fuel couplers.

Lincoln Electric
This supplier of quality welding machines, electrode and accessories should be familiar to anyone who uses welding equipment. Fresno Oxygen Welding Supply is factory authorized to sell and service Lincoln Electric equipment and parts. Many Lincoln Electric Operator Manuals are available online also.

We have been proud to be a major Valley distributor of Makita Power Tools and accessories for many years now. Last year was their 30th U.S. anniversary. As a company we have been impressed with their commitment to innovation, quality, workmanship and customer service. If you need more product information just follow the link above.

Mathey-Dearman is the manufacturer of the remarkably handy and efficient short saddle pipe cutting and beveling machines that we carry. Mathey-Dearman, Inc. strives to find ways to help pipefitters to do quality work at the lowest possible cost in order to compete in today's economy. Check out their web site for more models, accessories and equipment for pipefitting work.

MB Industries
Manufacturer of a non-aerosol anti-spatter, Spatter-spatter, "The welder's friend."

Miller Electric
For over fifty years this supplier has been one of the premiere sources of quality welding equipment and expertise. Fresno Oxygen Welding Supply is factory authorized to sell and service Miller Electric equipment and parts. Many Miller Electric Operator Manuals are available online also.

Thermadyne, "Your Global Welding Products Leader" has recently redesigned and consolidated their web presence into a superior comprehensive website where you can find links to welding organizations, industry news, product literature (including technical and owners manuals ) and search by process as well as their familiar and trusted industry brands such as Arcair, Thermal Arc, Thermal Dynamics, Tweco and Victor Equipment. You'll want to bookmark this site for sure!

The Thomas Register
An outstanding reference guide to manufacturers & distributors of all types has expanded its resources for nationwide coverage.

United Abrasives / Sait
Quality + Service + Performance = Best Value is United Abasives classic formula for success. If you need more information on their SAIT abrasive products they feature an online PDF catalog.