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Part #KLN5112

  • Overall size: 3.25" x 11"
  • Belt Connection:  Slotted
  • Belt Width:  Up to 2"
  • Material:  Leather
  • Weight:  0.21 lbs.
Manufacturer: Klein Tools Inc.
Leather Holster Style

Made of durable leather and riveted for long lasting usage.

Price: $27.27 Each

This tool holder allow you to carry your side-cutting pliers safely and comfortably. The closed bottom prevents the plier nose from protruding and possibly wearing or tearing your clothes. Made of Leather for durability. Slotted to fit most belts easily.


  • Nose of pliers does not protrude from the bottom
  • Bottom is vented to prevent collection of dirt or water
  • Riveted to assure long life
  • Holds 7", 8", or 9" side-cutting pliers